Verba feeders

Verba feeders



Make the right decision for a good feeding trough that has a lot of value in food passing through.

What is important to make the right decision:

-Barn type.

-Feed type.

-Type/ race of pig.

- Weaning weight.

- Your own personal preference.

One feeder is best placed in a corner, while another does not work there at all. The best choice doesn’t have to be the most expensive version. A good advice from a manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience costs nothing and doesn’t obligate you to anything, but it does help you to make the best and financial sound decision.

If you fill out the form underneath and mail it to or per fax 0413-475587, you will get a your best option with an estimate within 1 working day. These may be complimented with multiple types of feeders supplemented with drinkers.

click here for the advice form nursery.

click here for the advice form fatners.






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