Piglet floors

Nursery floors

Endless possibilities and combinations. This is what can be said about the (nursery) floors package which van Limpt stalinrichting carries. By not being dependant of a certain supplier, we are always able to offer the right sollution for both renovation as new builds. With this we offer practical solutions so nearly all our systems and materials can be combined.

Plastic nursery slats:

Various plastic slats in a great diversity of dimensions, load per m2, open or closed structures and colour. All plastic slat types we offer are of European construct. We do this to ensure the quality at all times. For this we prefer the German manufacturer Premiumfloor ®. The slats would be layed on our own produced hot dip galvanised bottoms or on GFK (Pultrusion polyester) Bottoms.

Click here for our full the full range of Premiumfloor.


Cast iron nursery slats:

More often people now choose for selfsupporting cast iron slats. Mainly because of the excellent manure discharge, superb grip and long durability in the nursery house. Standardised sizes can be speedily supplied from stock. Any divergent sizes can be made to size!

Click here for an overview of the standard cast iron nursery slats.



Triangular nursery slats:

Tirangular slats are well known for their good manure discharge and great amount of grip for the nurserys. Another great advantage is that all slats are made to size, during through which that process client specific wishes can be implemented. This can involve: manure valves, angles to improve bearing, bridges under the slats to improve a greater span, studes and spikes and various bar thicknesses and openings. For this we prefer the Dutch manufacturer Leenders roosters.


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