Combiboard Beta for partitions

Are you in need of partitions in your livestock housing? Deadlocked and waterproof, but still offering the possibility to remove the wall without removing or demolitions work? Combiboard Beta allows you to quickly erect a strong wall as tall as 6 meters. Disassembly and reconstruction somewhere else? Not an issue! The patented click-connection will retain it’s strength even after

Drilling, sawing, screwing?
Combiboard partitions can be processed the same as wood. Pipelines and objects are easily and effortlessly attach directly to the wall with standard common tools. The topcoat from calcium zinc makes sure the panel is colorfast and resistant to acids and bases, including ammonia and desinfectants.


The combiboard Beta- elements can be produced individually to any size and supplied to your project. A vast array of auxiliary profiles in supply simplify your assembly.

Combiboard partitions are available in 2 different colours, to be grey and white.

Click here for the full product overview Partitions.

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