Gestation barn

Gestation barns

Endless possibilities and combinations, because of the welfare requirements regarding the free range of pregnant animals over the past few years a large range of systems have been developed / re-introduced. The choice for any certain system is client specific and dependant of several variables. We are happy to recommend you the preferred solution for your situation.

We offer various systems for the gestation stall, the iron and stainless steel used for this is produced under our own roof, which makes it possible to include custom work and adaptations of existing features.

Gestation crate “PEN” system:

Traditional lying free access crates, which allow for securing the sows individually. This is made possible by our solid PEN system. The crates are always supplied with a stainless steel back leg, the trough and the drinking system are also manufactured out of stainless steel. The lengt hand width of the crate are always client specific, where we like to think along with you to make for the best solution in your situation.

Individual feeding places:

Short (feeding) lying crate without the possibility of individual confinement, complete free access. To be carried out with floorfeeding or (mush) trough. The advantage of these feeding places is that the sows can take in the food in a soothing fashion, while allowing you to monitor and control the food intake. Exceptionally suitable system for a renovation and potential refurbishment from Fatners to gestation barn. This because the lay-out of the closed floors is less important. Can be combined with a plastic or concrete incasing.


Group housing:

Group housing in concrete and/or plastic, this gives you the possibility of floor feeding, troughs or feeders. With this system the group sizing is no obstacle. In terms of investment, this would be the most lucrative system! Potentially combineable with aformentioned feeding places. The system very convenient to implement in a renovation.


Curious about our gestation barn products? Feel free to Contact us. Or take a look at our completed projects.

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