Early gestation centre

Early gestation centre

As a sow farmer you know the importance of a correct breeding, you need to factor in a lot of variables. With the right kind of equipment you can exert some leverage with these variables. This can be achieved for example by installing breeding lights with automatic switches, and creating an automatic or manual boar track in the early gestation centre. However this also brings a lot of easement in your work, so your focus can be put with breeding and observing. Think of insemination rails, suspension lines for your charts, and pipettes etc… Van Limpt stalinrichting likes to think with you about realising the ideal equipment and lay out of your early gestation centre.

Breeding pen “PEN” system:

Traditional breeding pens with manual “PEN” gates that make it possible to step your leg through the gates to get closer to the sow. Because we use 2 gates it’s also possible to place partitions between 2 opposing gates, which would make herding a lot easier. These pens are very sturdy and easy to use. The pens are standardly supplied with stainless steel back legs, the trough and the drinkingsystem are also completely manufactured out of Stainless steel. Length and width of the pen are always client specific.

Breeding lights:

You need a lot of light in your early gestation centre, the recommended brightness is 150 Lux at eye level, for a 16 hour duration each day. The hormones of the sow that regulate the ovulation respond to the total daylighttime. Especially with a dramatic decreas of daytime, as is custom with the end of summer, the fertility goes down a lot. To counter this phenomenon you can utilize breeding lights. The total daylight time can be artificially regulate year round with these lights. We use special daylite lights. These lights also provide more comfort in your work and more precision behind the sow.

Boar track:

The interaction between sow and boar is very important in source stimulation. This interaction can be made easier multiple times a day by creating a boar track. Such a track can be offered in an automatic as well as a manual variety.

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