Combiboard plastic partitions

Combiboard plastic partitions

As a farmer, you know the importance of hygiene in pig houses – and that pen partitions have to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Our robust Combiboard Alfa cattle boards are available in heights ranging from 25 cm to 110 cm. When the boards are in place, they can be easily, quickly and thoroughly cleaned – time and again.

Permanent protection
The special calcium-zinc top layer makes Combiboard Alfa cattle boards impervious to acids and alkalis, including ammonia. The boards are manufactured from high-impact synthetics, which guarantees permanent protection against the great impact exerted by the animals. Combiboard Alfa cattle boards have been in use in pig houses throughout Europe for over ten years now – and without any problems.

Always the partition you want
The broad selection of sizes means that you can build partitions of any desired height and with a limited number of seams, which are virtually invisible anyway. A complete package of auxiliary profiles allows the creation of angle profiles or other connections.

Combiboard Alfa cattle boards are individually cut to the desired length without producing any sawdust, and then carefully packaged and delivered.

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