Air intake systems

Air intake systems & wind break screens

Ventilation makes or breaks a barn, and with it the succes of YOUR company. Van Limpt stallinrichting is besides pig house equipment also specialise in agracultural carpentry and realising ventilation systems, as well as air intake systems & wind break screens.

Wind break screens


We offer a vast diversity in possibilities concerning wind break screens. Available in various materials such as traditional Maranti Shuttering Plywood combined with a profile plate + Plastisol coating. We however also offer systems manufactured out of recycled plastics available in multiple colours.


Air intake systems


A stageless under-pressure controlled air intake system. This is possible because of our shark teeth system. This creates a completely variable air intake system. This system is easily placed on existing barns in most cases.



Curious about our air intake systems? Feel free to Contact us. Or check out our Completed projects.

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