Expanding our production

To increase our speed and optimisation of service in the future, we have been spending the past weeks working hard on expanding our production capacity and increasing the surface area of our workshop. We have incread our production capacity with a Primo Platino flatbed lasercutter with shuttle table (1530 HS CP 4000) and a second 175 ton sheet metal bending brake (Durma AD-S 30175). We also furtherly increased our total floor surface area of our production hall to 1400m2



Open house Fatner Farm Van Dijck

On Saturday October 19th between 13:30 and 17:00 in Biest Houtakker you are invited to attend the open house of the Van Dijck Family, whom with our coöperation have created a new stable Accommodating 896 sows, 140 breeding sows and 4992 weaned fatnerlets


Open house Fatner Farm Stevens

On Friday the 13th of September between 13:00 and 18:00 you are invited to attend the Open house of Fatner Farm Stevens, whom have partnered with us to realise the completion of a new barn.

click here for the report from Boerderij.nl


Open house Fatner Farm Spanjers

On August 31st between 13:00 and 18:00 the Open House of Fatner Farm Spanjers will take place in Best. With our coöperation they refurbished and completed a new fatner house.

Op 31 augustus tussen 13:00 en 18:00 vindt in Best de open dag plaats van Varkenshouderij Spanjers, die in samenwerking met ons een nieuwe stal + renovatie heeft gerealiseerd.

Click here for more information regarding the project!



Highly succesful trade fair Venray!

Last week we participated in the LIV trade fair in Venray, with great spirit. We experienced this fair to be very pleasant. And above all, seemed to come acrosse a very positive sector!



LIV Venray 2013

On February 26th, 27th and 28th ’13 we will be participating in the Landbouwdagen Intensieve Veehouderij (LIV) (Agricultural days intensive livestock farming) You can find us in Hall 2 at stand number 228. We would love to welcome you to come visit our stand!

For more information, click here.



We will be moving!

On January 2nd we will be moving to the Bukkemweg 7 complex.

Van Limpt Stalinrichting B.V. has experienced a strong growth over the past few years. This is why we proudly moved into our current newly constructed building on the Van der Heijdenstraat. Now, not even a year later, we are already moving again.

To the 100m away, 8000m2 large Bukkemweg 7 complex.

To make sure we can achieve maximum efficiency and speed in our service towards you as our customer, we considered it necessary to unite our production, office, milling, assembly, stock and starting point for our mechanics in 1 location. With the purchase of this complex we will be able to realise this goal in a short time period.



Kempisch Streekfestival (Regional festival) alights in Oirschot on the 1st of July 2012:

The 3rd edition of the Kempisch Streekfestival will be on Sunday July 1st 2012 between 11:00-17:00 o clock on the Markt in Oirschot. In coöperation with the entrepeneurs from the land of Oirschot, land of The Hilver and land of the Zaligheden, a very special bikeride will be organised. This bikeride will take you through the Kempisch countryside, comprised with regional delicatessen in food and beverage. Arts and culture, child entertainment, acoustic regional artists, bikeride excursions and lots more. It promises to be a nice and above all, unique farmers-outing-experience.

For more information, click here for the invitation. Or visit the Agro Plaform Oirschot website directly.



Open house: Van den Broek family

Past Friday on june 15th, the Open house of the Van en Broek family took place in Ommel. Who had partnered wit hus to create a new fatner house for 850 sows without weaned fatnerlets.

Click here for the invitation.

We supllied and fitted the follwing facilities:

- 588 spots of van Limpt gestation pens with saloon gates.

- 116 spots of van Limpt fertilizing pens with boar tracks.

- Several custimizations.

-FITTING of the farrowing pen.

-Drinking water (+ break tank) installation.


Click here for more information and pictures of the project.



We are urgently looking for Carpenters!

Due to a quick growth and constant order portfolio, we are urgently looking for new carpenters to assist us with agricultural building activities. These activities mainly entail insulating, fan-works and finishing touches of the fatner houses.

Vacancy carpenters

Are you the person to completely find yourself in aformentioned profile? And are you looking to come join  our young, driven and cohesive team? Then feel free to contact us.



Agridagen (agricultural-Days) 2012


On the 22nd, 23rd & 24th of februari, the Agridagen will be taking place in Geel (belgium). Naturally Van Limpt stalinrichting will be participating in this beautiful trade fair! We can be found at stand number C 401.

For more information click here


Opening our new business premises


The invitations have been sent, the barn is being swept, the office being furnished…

The 21st of january will be our cumulation, the festive opening of our new business premises

Click here for the most recent pictures of the construction.



Wij wensen U namens ons hele team een ondernemend, maar nog belangrijker, een gezond en gelukkig nieuwjaar toe!

Het jaar 2012 zal vooral in de varkenshouderij een belangrijk jaar gaan worden. Waarbij er bij diverse bedrijven nog veel aanpassingen nodig zijn om te kunnen voldoen aan de milieu en welzijn eisen van januari 2013.


Open house den Boer family in Dongen


On behalf of the den Boer family, we would like to cordially invite you for the open house, celebrating the completion of their new fatner housing accommodating 1200 weaned fatnerlets and 2200 fatners.

Commissioned by Peter Peters bouw B.V. we overhauled the entire inside of their fatner house. Including but not limited to: the insulation, airducts, partitions, etc…

The open house will be taking place on Saturday December 10th 2011, at the Moersedreef 12 in Dongen between 13:30 and 17:00

Interested? Click here for the invitation.

Curious about our proceedings in this fatner house? Click here.

Article in the “boerderij”.


Succesful agricultural trade fair in Den Bosch


For the very first time, Van Limpt took part in the Agricultural trade fair in Den Bosch, and we feel we did so with great succes. We got a lot of positive feedback about both our products, and our stand!



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