About us

About us

The history

Van Limpt stalinrichting was established in 2008. Jelle van Limpt, formerly under his own employ in the agracultural sector, untill in 2008 a client asked him to install his fatner housing equipment in his new porker house. He took on this challenge with a little help of befriended entrepeneurs under own employ they efficiently installed the equipment. Soon thereafter several farmers from the region midden (middle) and west Brabant (the Netherlands), to have him install and partially supply the housing equipments in their businesses as well, following the impressively positive feedback from the other farmers. Today “Van Limpt stalinrichting” has grown to an LTD with multiple permanent fitting crews, a network of renowned suppliers and an extensive workshop where everything can be made to size and requirements.

Grand by staying small

Although our company has grown rapidly as of late, we still remain a relatively small business. This is something you notice in our personal and informal understanding with you as a customer, coming from our company as well as our fitting crews. You will also feel this in our product, everything is made to size and available however which way you like.

How we work

We work both with an hourly rate as well as on a contract basis. We do this at very competitive prices. Here we can discuss anything, varying from just supplying products, just assembly and fitting or of course both. “Van Limpt stalinrichting” provides any proceedings conceivable in and around your new building, we however also tackle renovations with great endeavour. We do this without unnecessarily harrassing you as our client, no 8 to 5 mentality and with competitive prices. If any unexpected difficulties or interference do occur, we will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to resolve the issue. Because breakdowns don’t comply with office hours, neither do we!

Our area

Because of the good reputation of our product and service, we find ourselves shipping far and wide all across europe and beyond. Leaving the fitting by our own crews to the more inmediate area we chose to service the South of The Netherlands as well as Belgian Flandern. As per request we do venture outside of our inmediate area to tackle different projects, with or without overnight stays.

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